The new Samsung UN55D8000 is the 2011 model from the 8000 LED series and follows the very popular UN55C8000, one of the bestselling HDTVs in 2010.

Some Customer opinions:

  • Color reproduction of the C8000, with saturation near the performance of the best plasmas (and this color and grey scale accuracy holds up even in the dimmer 3D mode), so no real complaints there, but the colors don't quite rock as much as they do on local dimming LED and plasma sets as the level of the blacks is not quite as deep as those other technologies.
  • The TV performs flawlessly. Blackest blacks I could imagine. Not one pixel less than perfect so far. Lightweight enough that wall mounting wasn't painful. Thin enough that I wonder how they keep it rigid. Big enough to use as a computer monitor from across the room and see the text. I'm a raving fan.
  • Overall very happy with the purchase. There are so many features to explore. Highly recommend this TV.
  • Purchase it and you will be happy.
  • This TV has outstanding quality, brightness is just absolutely awesome. Contrast ratio absolutely outstanding (black is black not gray). I used to own Sony's TV but they are falling back with warranty, claims, they are not standing behind theirs product these days anymore etc in my experience. Maybe quality of Sony is still good but its nothing comparable to Samsung.

You can find all specs and more information on the Samsung UN55D8000 at the linked website.